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WinCorp: Water Philippines 2023

Wincorp's Water Philippines Booth Collaterals at the SMX Convention Centre March 2023

Quick Figures


Sticker on Sintraboard Wall Panels


WinCorp Sintraboard Centerpiece


Clear Acrylic Panels w/ Frosted and Clear Stickers


Sticker on Sintraboard Booth Number


Sets of Curved Vinyl Sticker


Sticker on Sintraboard WinCorp Logo

Largeformatix worked with Water Industries Network Corporation (Wincorp), the fast-rising contender quickly dominating the industrial water industry, to provide a variety of booth collaterals for their appearance in the anticipated Water Philippines 2023.

With Water Philippine's return this 2023, Wincorp was eager to make a statement in front of the whole industry. To do so, they opted to build their own booth and partnered with Largeformatix to provide high quality prints as booth collaterals.

Aside from the usual challenges of tight-scheduled projects, Largeformatix had to overcome problems for the installations. The actual booth was massive when fully assembled and the height made it challenging to ensure equal proportions. In addition, since the booth was custom made, the team had to make sure the adhesives used will not negatively react with the paint and finisher used by the booth contractors. Working closely with Wincorp and the booth contractors allowed us to overcome these challenges and successfuly accomplish our deliverables.

The challenge was well worth it in the end, as Wincorp was able to snatch 1st place for Best Booth Award at Water Philippines 2023. Largeformatix is proud and satisfied to have contributed to Wincorp's success in this exhibit and exceeded their expectations.

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